AIX, pSeries and System p5 Link Page

AIX Version 6.1: The next step in the evolution of the UNIX OS

Announcement November 06, 2007: Preview: IBM System p 575 IBM POWER6 supercomputing node

Announcement November 06, 2007: IBM System p 570 expanded with new features and function

Announcement November 06, 2007: BladeCenter® JS22 Express based on IBM POWER6™ processor

New: AIX Wiki - A collaborative site for technical information related to AIX

New: AIX 5L and Linux on POWER community

The OpenPower Project created just for Linux users to testing the latest Power Architecture™ technology

Reference Sheet: AIX 5.1 CDs - AIX 5.2 CDs - AIX 5.3 CDs

IBM System p and BladeCenter facts and features (November 2007)

IBM eserver p5 Server Family and IBM TotalStorage Summary

IBM eserver p5 and OpenPower facts and features (February 14, 2006)

IBM System p, BladeCenter Performance Report (November 07, 2007)

Unix Workstations Facts and Features (July 25, 2006)

IntelliStation POWER: The POWER of UNIX (POWER 185 and POWER 285)

IBM eserver Cluster 1350 Facts and Features (July 26, 2007)

IBM Publications Center (search for publications, view online, order hardcopies)

New publication for IBM Systems: IBM Systems

IBM System p news: Press releases, Announcements and UNIX in the news

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