RS/6000 & pSeries Docs

IBM System p servers homepage

IBM System p literature (data sheets and reports, white papers, consultant reports)

POWER5 code matrix: Supported code combinations for IBM System i and System p

IBM eServer Hardware Information Center

Brief Description and detailed informationen about Cluster 1600, p5-505, p5-510, p5-510 Express, p5-520, p5-550, p5-550Q, p5-560Q, p5-570, p5-570 Express, p5-575, p5-590, p5-595, IntelliStation POWER 275, IntelliStation POWER 285 and IntelliStation 185

Information to hardware withdrawn from marketing: RS/6000 SP, pSeries 610-6C1, pSeries 610-6E1, pSeries 615-6C3, pSeries 615-6E3, pSeries 620-6F0, pSeries 620-6F1, pSeries 630-6C4, pSeries 630-6E4, pSeries 650, pSeries 655, pSeries 660-6M1, pSeries 660-6H0, pSeries 660-6H1, pSeries 670, pSeries 680, pSeries 690, S80, S7A, R50, H80, H70, H50, B50, F80, F50, F40, M80, pSeries 640-B80, IntelliStation Power 265, IntelliStation POWER 275, 44P-270, 44P-170, and 43P-150

Wireless Solutions für IBM eserver pSeries

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