Non IBM Software for AIX

Search interface for ISV applications available for RS/6000 and eserver pSeries

Storix System Backup Administrator for AIX and Linux

PEEK (remote console), Logmon (user CPU time logging) and Zip for Unix from Computronics

Acrobat Reader 5.0.11 for AIX from Adobe

Mozilla 1.x binaries for AIX from

Wietse's tools and papers (security related programs as sources) (partly available as LPPs from Bull)

xdiff (graphical diff, can process more than two files), executables for AIX 4.3 available (many .rpm binaries for AIX, mostly uptodate)

Large smit installable (LPP-sources) freeware and shareware archiv from Bull

Public domain software library for AIX from the University of California, Los Angeles

Filesystem utilities from Compunix (undelete, defragment, filesystem reduce)

The Dassault Systemes Corporate web site and DS Announcements

SPAM v2 - AIX system configuration management and system-to-system configuration comparisons

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Last update at 2008-10-24